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About us

Ladies and gentlemen!

Limited Liability Company Production Company "Tyumen metal" was founded in 2012.

 We will promptly respond to the highest demands of our customers, the company's activity focuses on gaining and maintaining positions among the Russian leaders in the production of oil field equipment.

Experience with major Russian and international oil and service companies allows PK "TMK" to develop and produce a special oil-field equipment of any complexity.

PK "TMK" produces the following equipment:

  • Tanks for hydraulic fracturing operations (fracturing) VGE, VDE (up to 75m3); 
  • Special tractor trailers with containers of circular and rectangular cross sections of the EDK, EOO, OOEK, PTE used in the repair of wells; 
  • Bunkers for proppant volume 33-40m3 PB; 
  • Reservoirs horizontal steel RGS underground and surface designs (up to 200m3); 
  • Capacities drainage EP, EPP (up to 150m3). 
  • Reservoirs vertical RVS (up to 5000m3)
  • Equipment for storage, preparation, packaging and transport of dry backfill (cement) mixtures thereof;

If necessary, the specialists of the PC "TMK" provide erection maintenance of products, commissioning and training of customer personnel.

All equipment is certified for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union and passed the examination of industrial safety for use in hazardous industrial facilities.

The Quality Management System is certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008.

   Managing director                                                         Lahtin Vladimir Anatolievich


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