production of oilfield equipment


PK "TMK" today - it's two production sites, the total area of ​​the shops of the main production of more than 10, 000 m2.

The number of employees more than 130 человек. In the manufacture of products of LLC PC "TMK" following manufacturing processes are used:
  • Precision straight and shaped cutting of sheet metal on the portal thermal cutting machines HyperTherm metal (4 units);
  • Felling sheet metal guillotine;
  • Bending of sheet blanks, tubular rolled long products;
  • Rolling shells on bending machines (thickness up to 20 mm.);
  • Semi-automatic welding in shielding gas mixtures;
  • Visual and measuring testing, ultrasonic testing, hydraulic testing;
  • Shot peening product surfaces;
  • Painting of products airless paint spraying plants in the spray booth;
  • Performing anticorrosion treatment of surfaces of products according to the customer requirements, as well as their own schemes of special coatings;
  • Hoisting mechanisms can produce products weighing up to 100 tons;
  • Shipment of finished products is possible by road, rail and water transport;
Welding production technology is certified by the National Agency for the Control of Welding (NAKS) Download (PDF)

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